At AVR Optics we like things easy going. We hope this overview helps you to get all the facts you need to order from us. On the left hand menu, among lots of other supporting details, there are forms for you to download too.


Credit Card Orders:

AVR Optics accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. There are several ways for you to place a credit card order:

1. Phone: Please refer to the printable order form for pertinent information and have your credit card information available when you call. Phone 585.445.7588.
2. Fax: Complete our printable order form and fax it to our sales department. Fax to 585.445.7582.
3. Online: You can still order your products from the Semrock Online Shop.

Purchase Orders:

POs can be sent via email to, or faxed to 585.445.7582.

Sales Tax Exemption:

Tax exempt certificates should be sent to or fax to 585.445.7582.

How to pay AVR Optics?

We’ve created an overview for you with all details for US or international wire payments, payment via check, your PayPal account, or ACH. Please get in touch with us and we are happy to send us our “How to pay AVR Optics” pdf.


We are here to help!

Please review our General Sales Support topics to the left. If you have further questions, please contact our sales team, we are here to help.