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At AVR Optics we are all about Photonics. The chosen partner for Semrock, we’ve been appointed to provide a best in class service to Universities and Government Labs throughout the eastern USA and Canada.

Our role is to provide fast, high-quality, technical and logistical support and we’re here to guide you through your purchase, every step of the way. From filter selection & evaluation, through to purchase, delivery & post sales support, you can rely on us for help and advice.

Semrock Optical Filters have become the standard for life science and Raman spectroscopy. By applying patented design techniques, Semrock produce the most spectrally sophisticated optical filters on the market.

Whether you select from the extensive product catalog or whether we assist you in designing a custom filter to your exact specifications, you can rest assured of the uncompromising performance, quality, and reliability of all Semrock Filters, and of our unfailing commitment to support you.

A Welcome from Semrock

Meadowlark Optics is delighted to add AVR Optics as our only United States based distributor. We have worked with the international management team of AVR Optics for over 10 years. They were instrumental in growing our spatial light modulator (SLM) business in the United Kingdom, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the US. Their knowledge of our product and market makes them a great fit and valuable technical resource for our customers. Our collective goal is to provide researchers with innovative solutions and world-class technical support. We believe together we can address the most challenging applications in a variety of scientific fields.

Kelly Gregorak,
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Meadowlark Optics.

Kelly Gregorak, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Meadowlark Optics.

After working with the Management Team of AVR for many years, we at Vortran Laser are excited to have them in the U.S. representing our products. They are professional, highly technical, customer oriented, and incredibly capable to service this market and promote Vortran’s products. AVR is the best partner for Vortran, and we expect a long lasting and exciting future working with them in this new capacity.

Steve Throne,
Senior V.P. of Vortran Laser Technology, Inc.

Steve Throne, Senior VP Vortran Technology, Inc.
Steve Throne, Senior V.P. of Vortran Laser Technology

The team at Semrock is ecstatic to welcome AVR Optics to our sales team. We have a long history of successful business ventures together, and look forward to offering our customers even higher levels of customer service. It was important for us to find a partner that shared our values of Trust, Teamwork, and Excellence in all phases of business. We think of AVR as a true extension to our factory and hope that you will as well.

Michael Ransford,
GM Semrock

Michael Ransford, General Manager, Semrock
Michael Ransford, General Manager Semrock

Our specialization

AVR Optics specialises in optical filters, filter sets and cubes, manufactured by Semrock.


Take a shortcut to your solution via our applications and product knowledge.

Market Knowledge

Let us help craft solutions that meet the needs of even the most demanding commercial requirements.

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Get the answers you need without delay from your dedicated sales team.

10 Year Warranty, 30 Day Test

Remove all risk with quality that you can trust.


Rely on guaranteed performance, every time.

Catalog, Semi-custom, Custom

Develop versatile solutions without a performance penalty.

Our portfolio

Semrock BrightLineBasicWe offer the most spectrally sophisticated optical filters on the market. Manufactured by Semrock to the highest standards, these filters deliver exceptional performance:

  • highest brightness & blocking
  • sharpest transitions and low ripple
  • high durability and repeatability

Our filters are used the world over to drive significant improvements in imaging & to deliver faster image capture and measurement times. The superlative quality of these filters reduces downtime and enables repeatable manufacturing. At the same time, complex custom designs can be accommodated to reduce the number of optical components required.

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Fluorescence Microscopy
Raman & UV Raman Spectroscopy
Superresolution Microscopy
Custom Filters

Our Philosophy


We are committed to doing business with the utmost respect for our customers, employees, and suppliers. We do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, disability, or race. We conduct our business in a fair and honest manner and have zero tolerance for corrupt practices.


We take great pride in delivering work of the highest quality and constantly look for ways to improve the satisfaction of our customers. Our process control, and quality management systems meet the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and we work solely with suppliers who share our ethos and who have a proven track record of performing at the very highest levels of quality.


We are committed to providing our customers with the very best support and we invest heavily in people and services to do so. Our team, all educated to BSc and beyond, are highly experienced in optics. They undergo many years of additional technical training so that they can advise our customers swiftly and accurately. Our processes are regularly streamlined to reflect our customers’ needs and expectations, and we constantly strive to deliver improved levels of customer satisfaction across all of the company.

Our partner

We are proud to be the chosen partner of Semrock.

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