Phase and Amplitude – 1 x 12,288

The Meadowlark XY Nematic Series Polarization Independent Spatial Light Modulators (PI SLMs) are designed for versatility and ease of use in typical optical laboratory environments. They are optimized to provide a full wave (2π) of phase stroke upon reflection at one of several nominal design wavelengths and phase-only modulation regardless of the polarization state of the input light source.

Meadowlark SLMs operate in both reflection, (liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS)) and transmissive (glass-on-glass) modes. This 1×12,288 SLM is based on Meadowlark’s reflective LCoS technology.

Several parameters help define SLM characteristics. Pixel pitch is defined as the center-to-center spacing between adjacent pixels. Interpixel gap describes the edge-to-edge spacing between adjacent pixels.
  • High optical efficiency
  • No mechanical motion
  • High speed phase control
  • Safe, low voltage operation
  • User-friendly graphical software interface
1 x 12,288 Linear Spatial Light Modulator
Design wavelength, custom wavelengths available for UV - MWIRλ = 532 nmλ = 635 nmλ = 785 nmλ = 1064 nmλ = 1550 nm
Array size19.66 x 19.66 mm
Zero-order diffraction efficiency (hi-efficiency)90 - 95% (maximum)
External windowAR coated, Ravg < 1.25% @ λ
Fill factor100%
Format1 x 12,288 (12,288 pixels)
Phase stroke (double pass)2π @ λ
Pixel pitch1.6 μm
Phase rippleAs low as 0.1%, based on SLM configuration
Liquid crystal response time, 10-90% (hi-speed and hi-efficiency)4.5 ms5.0 ms8.5 ms15.0 ms30.0 ms
Cross section of optically-efficient phase only LCoS spatial light modulator
Meadowlark Linear Series SLM Side and Front View
Outline drawing showing front and side views of 1x12,288 Optical Head. Dimensions in millimeters.