Find practical how-to videos, webinars, demos, and Semrock’s 12-part lecture series on filters.

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  • Cleaning Optical Filters – While Semrock manufactures the most durable optical filters available, it is important to note that all optical components are delicate and should be handled with care.
  • Cube Assembly Instructions – Semrock offers free assembly service if you send in your microscope cube when purchasing new filter sets, but for those do-it-yourselfers, please view these downloadable PDFand video files that show you step-by-step how to populate and assemble your own popular cube models.
  • Scratch Dig Inspection Process – All Semrock filters are inspected in accordance with industry standards established for optical components.
  • Improving Fluorescence Microscopy – Enhanced sensitivity and specificity enables greater efficiency and effectiveness in fluorescence microscopy.
  • Optics and Filter Knowledge – Sharpen your optical filter knowledge with our 12-part lecture series on filters.
  • MyLight MyLight, our online filter modeling tool, provides users with the ability to characterize optical filters under varying theoretical conditions in real time.
  • Laser Damage Threshold Calculator – Semrock’s Laser Damage Threshold Calculator is provided for reference / guidance purposes only.
  • VersaChrome Calculator – Semrock’s VersaChrome Edge™ tunable filters unlock virtually unlimited spectral flexibility allowing users to create a bandpass filter as narrow as sub 5nm FWHM or as wide as 12% of the center wavelength throughout the visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges.  This calculator enables easy determination of the filters and angles required to achieve a specific bandpass filter.