From UV through the Visible to the near IR

Whatever your need is for laser light, from UV through the visible to the near IR, you will find a solution in the Vortran family of laser diode modules.

The highly integrated Stradus® modules contain all the necessary optical power regulation, temperature regulation, communication interface, and protection circuitry.

All Stradus® lasers are single mode TEM00 lasers and feature both USB and RS-232 connectivity for easy to use control and monitoring of the system. A PC user interface software is provided to allow for easy setup of the system.

Our staff can assist you in selecting the proper laser for your application. OEM specials that are not currently listed can be obtained through joint efforts between your engineering needs and our experts.

Stradus Laser Diode Module Measurements

  • Compact and Self-Contained Design
  • Low Noise
  • Excellent Beam Quality
  • Patented Sealed Optical Cavity
  • Single Mode TEM00
  • Analog Modulation
  • Digital Modulation
  • USB and RS-232 Interfaces
  • PC Interface Software
  • Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Protection

Specifications for each Stradus® model will vary and are available in the specific model datasheet.

Laser Diode Modules